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GST Preparation & Filing

Need a GST number? Need help filing your returns? Sapphire Accounting can help set everything up right and keep your books on track.

It can be tedious to both sole-proprietor and corporate owners to deal with the frustration of GST preparation and filing. With so much to do, organizing documentation can get overwhelming taking time away from running your business.

At Sapphire Accounting, a dedicated team works with you to determine the optimal reporting period for your unique situation. Our team has experience in registering GST numbers with the Canada Revenue Agency, and will assist you in correctly preparing your GST/HST reports.

When it comes to finding a committed and effective team, Sapphire Accounting is the place for you. Our mission is to reduce your tax liability and help your business grow.

Evening and weekend appointments can be scheduled in advance throughout the year, with extended hours during tax season (March and April) to ensure more convenient availability.

Save time and money with the knowledgeable, experienced staff at Sapphire Accounting. Call us, stop by our office, or fill out our contact form for a free consultation.

Save time and money with knowledgeable and experienced staff at Sapphire Accounting.